We Enable Greatness In People And Organizations Everywhere
Our Mission
A Company Built On Culture

FranklinCovey is the world leader in helping organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior, often the most difficult challenge any organization faces. When accomplished, it is also the most durable competitive advantage. 


We provide content, tools, methodology, training and thought leadership, all based on a foundation of unshakeable principles and proven practices.


Our ultimate aim is to deliver not just incremental, but transformational results. Our expanding reach now extends to more than 150 countries, with over 2,000 associates working toward our common mission of enabling greatness in people and organizations everywhere. 

"Everything about your company can be replicated, except its Culture."
-Bob Whitman - CEO
Why Culture is Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage
Our Executive Team
Robert A. Whitman
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - Learn More
Stephen D. Young
Chief Financial Officer - Learn More
Sean Covey
Executive Vice President Global Solutions and Partnerships, - Learn More
Todd Davis
Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer - Learn More
Shawn Moon
Executive Vice President, Strategic Markets - Learn More
Scott Miller
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer - Learn More
Colleen Dom
Executive Vice President, Operations - Learn more
Paul Walker
Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Delivery   - Learn More
Scott Sumsion
Vice President, Global Accounting, Organizational Solutions Business Unit - Learn more
Boyd Roberts
Vice President, Aquisitions - Learn more
Derek Hatch
Corporate Controller, Central Services, Finance - Learn more
Our Foundational Beliefs
  • People are inherently capable, aspire to greatness, and have the power to choose.
  • Principles are timeless and universal, and are the foundation for lasting effectiveness.
  • Leadership is a choice, built inside out on a foundation of character.
  • Great leaders unleash the collective talent and passion of people toward the right goal.
  • Habits of effectiveness come only from the committed use of integrated processes and tools.
  • Sustained superior performance requires the P/PC Balance (Production/Production Capability), a focus on achieving results and on building capability.
General Inquiries


For general inquiries please see the contact info below.


Front Desk: 1-801-817-1776

Toll-Free Numbers :  1-800-827-1776 or 1-888-558-1776


For All Help in Regards to Planners - please contact Franklin Planners at 1-800-819-1812 or view their contact details here. 

Press and Media




 For Public Relation inquiries or an interview with a FranklinCovey representative, please contact Debra Lund at her email below. If you are a member of the press and on deadline, you may contact either Debra Lund (U.S.) or Travis Rust, whose contact information is also below.

U.S. - Debra S. Lund 
Global Director, Corporate Public Relations 
2200 West Parkway Blvd. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119 
Office: 801-817-6440 
Mobile: 801-244-4474 
[email protected]


Travis Rust 
Public Relations Manager 
2200 West Parkway Blvd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Office: 801-817-5378 
Mobile: 801-440-9486