Turn Your Team Members Into Team Leaders

For leaders in the workplace, their leadership legacy begins with the opportunity to lead a single team. Leaders who have just one tier of employees reporting to them are referred to as “first-level leaders,” because they are on the first step of leadership.


If your first-level leaders mentality toward work hasn’t changed significantly since they became leaders, it’s likely they're not actually leading. Leading people is vastly different from working as an individual contributor.


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Make The Mental Leap to Leader
This free and impactful guide will walk your first-level leaders through proven solutions to some of the most common issues leaders face. Share it with your first-level leaders to help them build their confidence and skills, and to drive your organizational results.

This 10-week video series provides multiple tips, strategies, and solutions to effectively face these common and complex issues.


Get the answers to the most common challenges that first-level leaders face.

Confessions of A First-Level Leader
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Download New Research Study

FranklinCovey’s research shows organizations why it is so important to find and foster first-level leaders. This study sheds light on common issues in personal leadership, team dynamics, and business outcomes that first-level leaders face.


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First-Level Leaders Research Study
The Most Common Challenges First-Level Leaders Face Today
The Most Common Challenges First-Level Leaders Face Today is a new study to help leaders understand the most common challenges, issues, and hurdles first-level leaders face. First-level leaders have tremendous impact on your business. They execute key company strategies, keep frontline employees engaged, and often serve as escalation points for unhappy customers. Don’t leave their success to chance. When your first-level leaders succeed so does your organization.