5 Reasons Your Learners Need FranklinCovey’s Weekly Tips

One of the most common questions we hear from our clients is, “When topics like burnout, quiet quitting, stress, mental health, and inclusivity (we could go on) are on the tip of everyone’s tongue, how can FranklinCovey help me engage and recharge my learners?”  

While there are many ways to answer that question, FranklinCovey’s Weekly Tips newsletter delivers timely content to address the challenges that leaders and individuals are actively experiencing. The newsletter is designed for learners to find the quick solutions they need within the seams of their day to become better leaders, individuals, and teams that get results.  

Here are five compelling ways the Weekly Tips can recharge your learners:

  1. Fresh Perspective: Deliver timely content, exposing learners to ideas and concepts that are relevant in today’s world. These bite-sized tips encourage exploration of topics and challenges they’re currently facing.
  2. Actionable Advice: Focus on the application of vital skills, using real-life situations. Learners can easily bridge the gap between theory and practice with fundamental ways to adopt new behaviors.
  3. Shaping Connection: Foster a sense of connection among learners, creating a shared experience through common topics for discussion each week. Learners can engage with each other, ask questions, share insights, and cultivate a collaborative learning environment where everyone benefits.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Reinforce previously-learned behaviors through practical tools and relevant examples. This repetition strengthens memory and understanding, enabling learners to apply their skills with consistency and confidence.
  5. Motivation and Engagement: Act as motivational triggers, igniting curiosity and enthusiasm among leaders. Adding valuable tips and insights to their personal toolbox on a regular basis helps keep them engaged, motivated, and leading out with inspiration.

When your learners land on the Impact Platform, the experience doesn’t end. They are immersed in content to help them address their most pressing challenges. The platform’s robust search helps learners find the resources they need to recharge and reengage.  

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