Rohan Verma

FranklinCovey Senior Consultant

Rohan spent 15+ years as a senior executive in the tech industry, leading global teams at some of the world’s most popular consumer tech products.

Rohan was employee number 250 at LinkedIn and rose from a college intern to become a senior leader in the Product organization and held a similar role at Dropbox prior to its IPO.

Rohan has a degree from UC Berkeley, completed a post-grad program at Stanford Graduate School of Business and was one of the top 20 Speech and Debate competitors in the US while in school. He received his coaching certification from CTI and has completed guest lecture work at UC Berkeley and Columbia University.

Rohan specializes in the technology industry but has broad industry experience, including being the lead executive coach for the San Francisco Giants Front Office Executive team. As an immigrant entrepreneur who was born in India and is a dual US/Canadian citizen, he aspires to bring a global perspective to his client work.

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