FranklinCovey Consultants
Peter Muir

Coaching and Consulting Experience

Peter Muir is a lifelong learner whose passion for sharing knowledge makes him an effective partner, consultant, facilitator, and educator.


Before coming to FranklinCovey, Peter founded Bizucate Inc., a training and consulting company focused on helping organizations around the world become more successful in such areas as mission exploration, strategy planning, sales enablement and workflow analysis.


In addition to his work in the United States, Peter has connected with audiences in 26 different countries. He has developed and delivered face-to-face workshops, online courses, long-term consulting projects, and rousing keynotes to all levels of an organization. Peter’s area of focus includes: innovation, leadership, trust, customer loyalty and productivity.

Peter holds an M.S. in graphic communications/digital publishing and a B.S. in English and communication. He is also proud to be a TEDx Fellow. 


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