FranklinCovey Consultants
Laurel Kidder

Coaching and Consulting Experience

Laurel Kidder specializes in people and helping them to see their situation from a different perspective. Her clients consistently say that she provides new ways to solve problems and capture opportunities. She’s been doing this kind of work since she

was 25 years old when she started her first company offering personal and professional development workshops.

Laurel is an expert in the field of leadership, building trust, increased productivity through time management, and strategic thinking to achieve goals.

She has several decades of experience working across different industries, roles, organizational levels, and company cultures. Laurel joined FranklinCovey in 2006 and continues her role as a consultant where she’s developed an honest, reliable, relatable, knowledgeable, and fun approach to her work. She has completed training at the Coaches Training Institute, is a certified Kolbe Consultant, and is certified in several FranklinCovey work sessions. 


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