FranklinCovey Consultants
Pauline Larkin

Coaching and Consulting Experience

Pauline’s work enhances productivity, reduces stress, and increases communication in teams and organizations. She works with senior leaders to enhance team dynamics and direction, helps individuals and teams enhance productivity,
and is committed to helping individuals connect with their purpose and fully engage in work and home life. Pauline offers specific coaching on recruitment interviewing and presentation skills and is a trusted advisor and trainer on unconscious bias. Her empathy and authenticity create atmospheres in which participants engage, learn, and achieve personal breakthroughs.


Pauline’s clients span private and public sectors; financial, legal, education, health services, manufacturing, not-for-profits, local authorities and government, The World Bank Group, The United Nations, and UNICEF. She is fascinated by human behavior, its manifestations and impact, from the shop floor to the C suite. 


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