FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 2 features interviews with Suzette Blakemore, Seth Godin, Scott Miller, Chris McChesney, Eric Barker, Sean Covey, Leena Rinne, Nancy Duarte, David Sibbet, and Gisela Wendling.

Season 2

Episode 11
Suzette Blakemore

Join author and FranklinCovey consultant Suzette Blakemore to learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes we make while managing projects, and four simple behaviors that land successful initiatives every time.

Episode 12
Seth Godin

Bestselling author and business visionary Seth Godin shares the most important leadership trait you’ll need in the next decade and how our prevailing ideas about marketing no longer apply.

Episode 13
Scott Miller

Join Scott Miller, FranklinCovey’s executive vice president, as he shares two more hard-won lessons on leadership: how you can make it safe for your team to give you honest feedback, and how to reduce conflict with one simple act.

Episode 14
Chris McChesney

Join Chris McChesney, FranklinCovey’s global practice leader and author of the #1 bestselling book on execution, to learn how you and your team can execute wildly important goals in the face of overwhelming urgencies, clear the hurdle of the “day job,” and use execution to drive morale, engagement, and accountability.

Episode 15
Eric Barker

Join bestselling author Eric Barker as he dispels common myths about success. He shares how to develop grit, turn your dreams into actions, and carve your own path in life.

Episode 16
Sean Covey

Sean Covey—FranklinCovey co-president, bestselling author, and son of Stephen R. Covey—discusses the power of teaching leadership in schools, the work he says his father was most proud of. Learn how more than 4,500 schools in 55 countries are using 7 Habits principles to unleash their students’ potential.

Episode 17
Leena Rinne

Your energy level correlates directly to your productivity. Join bestselling author and FranklinCovey productivity expert Leena Rinne, as she discusses three key energy drivers—sleep, relax, and connect—and tactical ways you can improve your energy level today.

Episode 18
Nancy Duarte

Join Nancy Duarte, author and CEO of the Duarte design agency, to learn how to deliver inspiring, entertaining, and persuasive communication, from keynote speeches to one-on-one meetings.

Episode 19
Scott Miller

Join Scott Miller, FranklinCovey executive vice president, as he curates two more of the most important leadership lessons he’s learned: the difference between bad news and wrong news, and the necessity of cultivating intentional friendships.

Episode 20
David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling

Join authors David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling to discover how to increase engagement during your meetings and spur action afterwards. Learn the seven basic drawings every leader needs to master, the four types of participant disagreement, and the hidden importance of setting up the room to drive the right outcomes.

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