FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 4 features interviews with Scott Miller, Jennifer Colosimo, Karen Dillon, Todd Davis, Kory Kogon, Gary McGuey, Lonnie Moore, Julie Morgenstern, Dorie Clark, and Chris McChesney.

Season 4

Episode 31
Scott Miller

Join Scott Miller as he summarizes ways to pre-condition yourself for performance in the new year. Identify and prepare yourself for the pivotal moments coming in your life.

Episode 32
Jennifer Colosimo

Join Jennifer Colosimo, senior vice president to learn how the 7 Habits can help you become a more effective leader in the year ahead.

Episode 33
Karen Dillon

Join Karen Dillon, former editor of the Harvard Business Review and co-author of the forthcoming book The Prosperity Paradox, as she shares how innovation can lift nations out of poverty.

Episode 34
Todd Davis

Join FranklinCovey Chief People Officer and bestselling author Todd Davis as he discusses how to recruit and retain talent in this hypercompetitive market.

Episode 35
Kory Kogon

Join productivity expert Kory Kogon as she discusses our addiction to the new national pastime—checking our phones—and learn how you can adopt simple systems to accelerate your productivity.

Episode 36
Scott Miller

Join Scott Miller, FranklinCovey executive vice president, to learn how to constantly reinvent your skillset and brand so you can stay relevant and navigate change.

Episode 37
Gary McGuey and Lonnie Moore

FranklinCovey senior consultants Lonnie Moore and Gary McGuey discuss how high schools can prepare students for tomorrow’s workforce with critical leadership skills, including personal maturity, ownership, and problem-solving.

Episode 38
Julie Morgenstern

Bestselling author and productivity expert Julie Morgenstern shares tools to create a more fulfilling personal life, especially for overwhelmed parents.

Episode 39
Dorie Clark

Join bestselling author and marketing strategy expert Dorie Clark as she shares valuable insights on how to stand out by finding your breakthrough idea and building a following around it.

Episode 40
Chris McChesney

Join one of the world’s foremost experts on strategy execution, Chris McChesney, as he discusses the surprising connection between executing on goals and increasing team engagement.

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