How to Build a Great

First-Level Leader

Crucial Insights for First-Level Leaders
Why First-Level Leaders?

Great individual contributors are often promoted to first-level leader positions with the expectation that they will be just as great managing a team. Few realize that the shift from producing individual results to getting results with and through other people requires a vastly different mindset, skillset, and toolset.


Providing essential leadership development is critical to the success of your organization and these first-level leaders. Think about the tremendous impact they have on your organization. They execute key strategies, keep frontline staff engaged, and often serve as escalation points for unhappy customers.


We hope you find the following research insightful and the tools valuable as you think about your first-level leaders. If you have questions or are interested in receiving our help to architect a development plan, please contact your FranklinCovey client partner.


A Guide for First-Level Leaders
Make The Mental Leap to Leader
This free and impactful guide will walk your first-level leaders through proven solutions to some of the most common issues leaders face. Share it with your first-level leaders to help them build their confidence and skills, and to drive your organizational results.
Research Studies
Average First-Level Leaders are Falling Behind
The Overconfidence Blind Spot of First-Level Leaders
The Most Common Challenges First-Level Leaders Face Today
10 Week Video Series


Invite your first-level leaders to register for this 10 week video series on the challenges they face and tips on how to overcome them.

Preview one of the twenty videos featured in the series.