Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager

Projects rule.

In today’s workplace, employees are routinely expected to coordinate and manage projects. Yet, chances are, they aren’t formally trained in managing projects because they’re unofficial project managers. 

As a companion to FranklinCovey’s course, the Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager book offers practical, real-world insights based on established project management principles to guide readers through every project to successful completion.

About the Author

FranklinCovey’s project management expert Kory Kogon understands that people and processes are crucial in the formula for successful projects. She will guide your organization through successfully managing projects, sharing her decades of experience with concrete examples.

Kory is FranklinCovey’s VP of content development and a senior leadership consultant with over 25 years of business expertise. 

The Framework

  • Scope the project to define its value to the people who will benefit from it.
  • Plan how to achieve it.
  • Engage people to give their best to the work, revisiting the plan as necessary.
  • Track & Adapt throughout to ensure it’s always heading for value.
  • Close the project and celebrate success and lessons learned.

Download a Sample Chapter

Unofficial project managers in any arena will benefit from the accessible, engaging, real-life anecdotes, Application Challenges, and quick reviews at the end of each chapter. 

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