Building Human Capability in the Age of AI

In a world with AI, being truly human matters most.

For organizations, differentiation in the age of AI will show up in how well they develop the human capabilities of their people. The skills that make us human—empathy, collaboration, trust, etc.—are our differentiators. These skills are not soft; they are vital. And as AI advances in its ability to assist with and take over routine tasks, leaders and teams will be unleashed to work on what matters most.

Although previous disruptors have pushed the need for these kinds of human skills to the surface, this present time of mega-disruption will magnify the imperative to make these skills a priority. Organizations and leaders that want to stay relevant in this age of AI can start by answering one question: Which mindsets and skills are needed for today’s success and crucial for tomorrow’s reality?

Join FranklinCovey as we discuss:

  • Why the topic of AI is vitally important for HR and L&D leaders.
  • What mindsets and skills organizations and leaders need to develop now and mobilize for tomorrow.
  • Where to begin on this journey to adopt, adapt, and advance towards elevating human capability within your organization.

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