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Getting Started With Adobe Experience Manager

Details of Getting Rolling With Your New Website

The First Steps

Initial Needs to Get Going

The website utilizes the Adobe Experience Manager as a Content Management System (CMS). The system is built on a series of templates and components that require a level of training before access is granted. FranklinCovey requires any  Marketing Manager &/or relevant nominated representative overseeing their web properties specific to attend either a live or virtual AEM Authoring training class. The Course that you will be signing up for is the Create Web Experiences Using Adobe Experience Manager



Steps to take before you begin your training

  •   Prepare team list and responsible parties that will oversee global website – email addresses and login credentials.
  •   Designate roles and usage needs for global authoring.


  • Contact our AEM IT lead Nikki Bellock <

    [email protected]

    > and outline your date of when you will be taking the course, what country you represent and what language you will be translating the site into.

Post Event / Pre-Migration

Steps to take after your training

 –  Index all current url’s and build sitemap of existing site (if applicable).

  – Prepare text for all current and needed pages.

  – Prepare local IP addresses and security level needs for access to AEM.

  – Prepare images or needs for localized images (if applicable).

  – Prepare videos for localization or provide files for transfer to Brightcove video player.

  – Create benchmarks or KPI’s (key performance indicators) for web goals and traffic levels.

  – Prepare keywords and SEO needs for meta text.

  – Create url list for all redirect needs on existing site (if applicable).

  – Prepare contact us form email address or align the marketing automation landing capture form (if applicable).

Post -Migration

Final Steps for Go Live

  – Deliver Google Analytics or site tracking code.

  – Deliver Local Hosting data (if applicable).

  – Communicate with internal data IT team / IP team (if applicable).

  – Establish internal or 3rd party Quality Assurance testing.