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Talent Unleashed

Talent Unleashed

Why Leadership Matters

Leadership today requires many things, but one of the fundamental roles of a great leader is to see, recognize, and ultimately unleash the talents and strengths of others—and to create a bonding attraction for these people to the organizations for which they work so these talents and strengths are not developed and then lost to others in today’s rapidly changing work environment.


This book is about 3 Leadership Conversations that can enable you—as a leader of a team, a project, or an organization—to create that sense of caring and belonging. It’s about how they can help you attract and keep the best and brightest and unleash their talent toward what matters most. It’s about how they can make it possible for you to create the connection and the confidence to fully unleash talent and clear the path for high performance.


Shawn Moon, Co-Author of Talent Unleashed explains the ideas behind why he wrote the book and some themes covered in the chapters. 

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