Become Certified To Teach
How To Certify
Becoming a facilitator is easier than ever
For organizations seeking cost-effective ways to implement solutions involving large populations of managers and frontline workers, FranklinCovey certifies on-site client facilitators to teach our content and adapt it to their organization’s needs. FranklinCovey has worked with and certified more than 120,000 client facilitators globally.
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Contact your designated FranklinCovey Client Partner and select the content workshop that you wish to become certified in. Register and attend the program as a participant. Most workshops are offered as a live, open-enrollment public program or virtually through a webinar or DVD.
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Register to attend a certification program. The tuition for certifying at a live event or virtually through FAST TRACK is the same. Sign a FranklinCovey Client Facilitator License Agreement and register to attend a certification program.


At this time, you are required to pay the license fee, certification tuition, and a minimum required purchase of 20 participant manuals. You may also need to purchase a facilitator kit and program videos if they are not included in your tuition. Consult with your Client Partner for clarification.

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Attend and complete your certification experience.