Case Study

Kimball International


A furniture company uses The 7 Habits to dismantle barriers between traditional departments and create cross-functional teams to respond more effectively to customer needs. 

Executive Overview


Kimball Lodging Group has a mission to provide furniture products of exceptional value to their customers. They recently embarked on a plan to dismantle traditional departments and to create Circles of Excellence, which are cross-functional teams of people with different skills.


Using The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Kimball Lodging Group was able to align team efforts with the company mission to improve lead times, create customer intimacy and exceed expectations of value and quality.


“With The 7 Habits and our Circles of Excellence, we’re no longer operating in silos. We’re beginning with the end in mind to meet customer expectations, the walls are broken down, and we’re saving time, resources and money.” – John Light, Employee-Development Manager