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Anybody can have a great job. It doesn't matter what your line of work is. It's all in how you define greatness.

Think about the most effective, influential people you've ever known professionally. Focus on one face for a moment. It could be the face of a teacher, a co–worker, a friend, or a leader you've worked for. What contribution did that person make to your life? To the organization? To the world?
When you think about those great people in your own life, you can answer for yourself the question "what is a great job." It's a job where you get to use the best you have to offer–your talents, your passions, your highest ideals–to make a contribution that means something to you and to the people you love and serve. Of course, a great job will also meet your financial needs as well as your need to make a difference.

Here you will find videos and tools relevant to the book Great Work, Great Career and a blog focusing on how you can create a great career for yourself

Jennifer Colosimo talks about building a Great Career with elearning TV

March 16, 2011 | Great Work, Great Career | one Comment

Interview with Jennifer Colosimo about building a Great Career with elearning TV

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Chapter 1: Know Your Strengths
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Chapter 2: Discover Your Cause
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Chapter 3: Contribute Your Best
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Chapter 4 : Get the Job You Want
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Chapter 5: Build Your Own Village
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