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With so much information available,
it's hard to know where to start.

Making the move online can be challenging. But with the right resources,
tools, and rules, you will be the spark that ignites your virtual training. We have provided a few action plans from the book that will help you in the transition from live to virtual training.

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1. The Rule of Continual Change
The way people learn will always change. If you wish to embrace the Learning Explosion, you must change as well.
2. The Rule of Knowledge Transfer
Transitioning from instructor-led training to virtual classrooms requires a new approach to content, length, instructional design, & delivery.
3. The Rule of Learning Circuitry
There are five steps to creating learning circuits within your organization. Use them to successfully launch and administer your virtual classrooms.
4. The Rule of Overcoming Bias
Many people have biases toward new ways of learning. Overcome them by eliminating fears and filling knowledge gaps about technology.
5. The Rule of Virtual Accountability
To facilitate effective behavior change and learning, you must hold learners virtually accountable verbally, visually, and kinesthetically.
6. The Rule of Personal Practice
You may already know that you need to practice, but do you know how? Proficiency, observation, imitation, and personalization are keys.
7. The Rule of Thumbs Up
People like leaving their mark and giving feedback if you make it easy for them to do. Use this feedback to improve your virtual classroom.
8. The Rule of Global Positioning
Reaching a global audience of learners is easy and getting easier. But there are many barriers to be aware of before you apply for a visa.
9. The Rule of Sustained Orbit
Getting your new virtual classroom off the ground is one thing. Achieving a sustained orbit is quite another.

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