Time Management Fundamentals:

Powered By The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity®

2 hours of training


Staying focused on the highest priorities in a busy and complex world is a challenging requirement in the 21st Century. Modern-day technologies, intended to liberate individuals, often trap them in an onslaught of information clutter and 24-hour accessibility.

Our Time Management Fundamentals course is taught on our LiveClicks platform. Available live online. Watch the video for more information about the LiveClicks platform.

Watch The Video

Watch The Video

The Solution

Now all your employees can experience the world-renowned benefits of FranklinCovey, no matter where they live and work around the globe. The LiveClicks™ Webinar Workshop—Time Management Fundamentals: Powered by The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity is a low-cost, two-hour module that offers compelling content, and live engagement with an expert consultant. The webinar comes with its own downloadable toolkit for use during and after the workshop. Attendees experience the learning right from their desk, eliminating travel costs and reducing your organization’s carbon footprint while minimizing lost time away from the office.


The FranklinCovey LiveClicks™ Webinar workshop-Time Management Fundamentals: Powered by the 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity will provide participants with a framework to consciously discern the important from the less and not important, and the planning systems that will keep them focused and feeling accomplished at the end of every day. 


You Will Learn To:


  • Accurately discern the important from the less and not important
  • Clarify what success looks like in their current, most important roles in life
  • Be able to balance work and life priorities
  • Implement planning processes to identify, schedule, and execute on high impact activities


What You Recieve:


  • A comprehensive downloadable toolkit
  • World-class facilitator
  • Money-back Guarantee