A. Roger Merrill –

Author of Talent Unleashed

“Transcend your natural impulse to respond to every beep and buzz, and instead consciously act from a centered, clear-thinking Quadrant 2 perspective.”

Roger Merrill

A. Roger Merrill

Executive Coach, Consultant, and Bestselling Author

A. Roger Merrill is a co-author of Talent Unleashed-3 Leadership Conversations to Ignite the Unlimited Potential in People, FranklinCovey’s newest book of powerful leadership insights and practices. This book teaches the core principles, framework, and process that enable leaders to release the talent, intelligence, capability, and creativity in people, inspiring leaders, and teams to create a culture rich in trust, clarity, and empowerment. The authors share collective knowledge gained from working with thousands of corporate leaders in industries that span the global workforce.


One of the founders of the Covey Leadership Center (now FranklinCovey), Merrill has been a thought leader in the development of Principle Centered Leadership concepts and processes. He has served as a senior executive, executive coach, speaker, and trainer for more than 50 years, and has worked with over 600 organizations in 30-plus countries worldwide. Merrill holds a degree in business management and has done extensive graduate work in organizational behavior and adult learning. He now specializes in coaching senior leaders and helping organizations improve performance and develop leaders.


Merrill is co-author (with Stephen R. Covey and Rebecca R. Merrill) of the international bestseller, First Things First. He is also the author of Connections: Quadrant II Time Management, co-author of The Nature of Leadership, and contributing author to Principle-Centered Leadership. His book, Life Matters: Creating a Dynamic Balance of Work, Family, Time, and Money (co-authored with his wife, Rebecca), was recognized by Soundview Executive Summaries as one of the 30 best business books of 2004. Together, his books have sold over 2.5 million copies and have been translated into more than a dozen languages.