Lyle Cameron

FranklinCovey Senior Consultant

As a senior contract delivery consultant, Lyle Cameron has been delivering workshops in English or French for FranklinCovey since 1998. 

Lyle has worked extensively with clients in North America and Europe within the transportation, software development, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as in other sectors such as media, retail, insurance, hospitality, health services, universities, science, engineering, venture capital, telecommunications, defense and government. 

Lyle is an experienced management consultant, professional facilitator, and a trainer with a background in dispute resolution in the transportation sector, as well as project management and execution on strategic organizational objectives. As a professional facilitator, he has engaged with clients on numerous challenging and difficult conversations with individuals, teams, and external stakeholders at all levels of an organization, including Boards and Committees. For the past 10 years, much of his work has been in the areas of organizational health and change alignment with clients undergoing mergers and acquisitions. 

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