Sonia Di Maulo

FranklinCovey Senior Consultant

With over 23 years supporting team and individual performance from local to global organizations, Sonia uses her focused strength of perspective to leverage direction, clarity, potential and business insight that drive teams and organizational performance, adding tangible value to the lives of many. 

Driven to create a more equal and just society, she naturally cultivates community to create significant, scalable impact, and mutually supportive, meaningful relationships. 

She is an expert in leading and cultivating high-performance teams, creating a safe space for learning and growth, and inspiring a reinvention mindset that supports anticipation, design, and implementation of solutions over time. Sonia’s facilitation approach is one of compassion and empathy, generating harmony and actionable performance driven by purpose. 

She promotes access to equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. Through community, participation, and leadership, she brings groups together to build engagement and ownership, empowering them to solve their own challenges through cooperation. Her enthusiasm for bringing people together leads to connected, engaged teams and organizations. 

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