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Tom Watson

Coaching and Consulting Experience


Tom Watson is the International Execution Practice Leader for FranklinCovey’s Execution Practice; specializing in working with executive teams in both private and public organizations to execute on their top strategies requiring a change in the habits or culture of their organization. He has spent over 40 years leading organizations with the same complexities, challenges, and concerns that his clients face in today’s marketplace. He brings a unique perspective—based on those many years of day-to-day successes and failures endemic to business. He has truly “been there, done that.”


Tom’s greatest asset, leading people, is also his great passion. He recognizes the importance of truly empowering people to get the best possible result. Prior to joining FranklinCovey in 2006, Tom spent 26 years in the transportation industry. From his early beginnings with a small moving company in Billings, Montana, USA to executive leadership positions with large firms in Seattle, USA and Boston, USA, he successfully led teams and organizations through times of abundance and distress.


Through the years he has worked in sales and led sales teams from the frontline to the executive suite. He also spent 10 years in operations, including vice president of operations and led three separate companies as general manager/managing director. Tom’s clients represent industries that include gas and oil, banking, high technology, biotechnology, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, legal, retail, and more. He has worked successfully with educational institutions, branches of the military, and local, state, and federal governmental agencies. Tom has been the lead consultant on major projects implementing the 4 Disciplines process with companies such as Ecobank, Togo, National Cancer Center, Singapore, and Whirlpool Corporation, USA.


Tom’s early years with FranklinCovey were spent as a Consultant delivering training solutions in leadership, individual effectiveness and organizational execution. Beginning in 2009, Tom became the Northeast Regional Practice Leader for Execution where he led a team entirely focused on implementing the 4 Disciplines of Execution process in organizations seeking to achieve great results through successful application of effective behavior-change strategies. Tom has spent the last 6 years as the International Execution Practice Leader for the Global Execution Practice.


Tom attended Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah. Tom lives in Eagle, Idaho USA with his wife, Julie. They have four grown children and nine grandchildren. Tom enjoys reading, golf, and volunteer service.





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