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Coaching and Consulting Experience

James A. White, Sr. has coached executives of all ranks across a distinguished, 25-year career in management consulting, training and development and executive coaching. He brings in-depth experience in diverse environments – including corporate, education, government and the military – to help clients hone their leadership skills and advance their careers in step with employer needs.


James works with individuals, groups and organizations in the pursuit of excellence and professional success. He designs, develops and delivers private and public workforce training, executive coaching, counseling, and both diversity and integrity training programs. He relies on his own strong business acumen, sharpened over his years working with such companies as Xerox Corporation, Wang Laboratories and Digital Equipment Corporation, to understand how organizations function and what they need from their leadership. An eight-year career in the United States Air Force further diversifies his background, broadens his leadership experiences and strengthens his ability to coach leaders across organizations.


In-depth experience in organization training serves as the primary path to James’ career in executive coaching. He earned numerous corporate certifications in training delivery in over 30 corporate training programs/initiatives and has accumulated tens of thousands of hours of platform delivery experience in corporate, federal, state and city government classroom environments – training more than 250,000 people.


James also has co-authored one book, A Better World: Understanding How Your Diverse Operating Systems Affect Culture, Diversity and Inclusion. A Better World explores diversity from four distinct perspectives of awareness, consciousness, inclusion and integrity. James will soon release his second book on the subjects of self-governance and personal and professional empowerment, teaching that individuals are 100% responsible for their success in life but can’t accomplish it by themselves.


Education and Certifications

James is completing a joint master’s degree in city regional planning and social work. He holds a bachelor of arts in sociology from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio.


James is a senior master training consultant and executive performance coach, certified in 14 corporate training and development programs from the following corporations: Tracom, Acclivus, Steffen and Steffen, Wilson Learning, Pecos River Learning Center, The Forum Corp., O.D.I., Holden Corporation, Huthwaite, LSI, Carlson Learning Company, Digital Equipment Corporation, Xerox, Wand Laboratories, Ridge and Associates, Lominger Limited and The Hay Group, Emotional and Social Intelligence.



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