Brian French

Coaching and Consulting Experience

Brian brings a broad experience in Leadership and Organizational Development to his coaching engagements to provide clients a deep understanding of how to increase their leadership competencies and become a positive force for the organization. With each coaching engagement, Brian’s goal is to guide clients on the journey to self-discovery and provide enlightening opportunities for capability growth. This is accomplished through the use of assessments to determine the client’s unique leadership style and understand their strengths and challenges. A plan is then developed to grow in strengths and overcome the challenges in order to reach the client’s goal. Brian has provided consulting and coaching for executives from Director to SVP levels in large corporations, and top leaders in privately held companies. He has also coached High-Potential candidates in preparing them for the next level in their career. Brian has also developed and delivered numerous learning programs on how leaders can most effectively conduct performance and developmental coaching for their employees.


Business and Career Background

Brian has more than 30 years of experience as a leader, educator, facilitator and coach in corporate settings, privately-held companies and public education. Most recently, Brian led a consultancy firm providing leadership development programs to clients.


Previously, he spent 16 years with Verizon, leading global, enterprise-wide leadership and talent development programs. He managed a group of senior leadership development consultants providing facilitation, consulting, and coaching to leaders of all levels. He managed the developmental assessments for coaching usage, including 360- degree, Personality/Behavioral, Emotional Intelligence, Thinking Styles, and others. Brian also oversaw the Mentoring and Performance Excellence programs, coaching leaders on how to effectively mentor and coach their employees. He also developed and delivered an enterprise-wide Top-Talent program and coached participants through the use of 360-Degree assessments. Brian facilitated various Executive Education programs on leadership, innovation, ethics/compliance and HR Practices, coaching leaders on effective application of the learning.


Previous to Verizon, Brian was a Director in Public Education at a Technical College where he led the Educational Technology department for the institution and coached K-12, Technical and Higher Ed educators on infusing technology into instruction.


Education and Certifications

Brian holds a BA in Mass Communication from Oklahoma State University, and has obtained numerous leadership certifications including MHS-EQi Emotional Intelligence, Clark-Wilson 360-Degree, Extended-DISC, Mindex Thinking Styles, and many other assessments embedded within various leadership programs.



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