Michele Tosi

FranklinCovey Executive Coach

Coaching and Consulting Experience

Michele is a seasoned Senior Business Consultant, Executive Coach and Motivational Speaker with over 15 years of experience in various countries in Europe, Asia and South America. With a strong foothold in the professional coaching community, he has provided these services to clients in the Marketing, Sales, Retail, Banking, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Hospitality industries.

Michele has coached various partners and clients and hosted training seminars towards the improvement of accountability, managerial effectiveness, time management and personal mission statements. He has used various organizational and public speaking skills to communicate the ideology of FranklinCovey while providing training and coaching for projects towards the advancement of leadership skills and sales performance.

Business and Career Background

Michele spent 8 years as a Senior Business Consultant and Professional Trainer before working as a freelance Consultant where he provided executive coaching, retail management and public speaking services for clients such as Lamborghini, Ducati, Fiat, Whirlpool and Yves Saint Laurent.

Currently, in addition to his freelance work, Michele works as a Senior Master Trainer and Professional Coach and Trainer for FranklinCovey and Adecco where he has trained and coached leaders during projects directed towards the augmentation of managerial competence, development of sales and team coaching.

Education and Certification

Michele holds a Masters degree in Management of Non-Profit Organizations (Management of Social Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility) from SDA Bocconi.

He also holds a Masters in Coaching Professional Competence from Coaching & Coaching and is fluent in Italian and German, proficient in English, and has working knowledge in Spanish. He is a certified FranklinCovey trainer for various programs.

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